About us

We as a Security get on as a Partner and Service Provider and want to stand thus our Customers and Security Partners in Safety-, Security-as well as in the Service area competently and supporting aside.
Long-standing Experiences in the private-Economic as well as publicly juridical Security area flow in in our danger Judgements and Risk analyses and form the base for her individual Security draught.
Of course, are for us the by the State demanded qualifications and a permanent advanced Training and continuing education which we maintain together with our security partners.
After §10, Paragraph 4 WaffG, we are entitled for leading of a firearm and can carry out missions, according to want.
We work for you if requested in the complete Germany or worldwide.
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Christian Schloder, Securitymanager (FH)

PROTECTION Sicherheitsmanagement Berlin

Christian Schloder, Sicherheitsfachwirt (FH)
Köpenzeile 115, 12557 Berlin

Telefon: 030/520043-494
Fax: 030/520043-495
email: protection@email.de

Wir sind Mitglied im Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Berlin-Brandenburg